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Lace-n-Lingerie - Jan/Feb 2013

 Lace-n-Lingerie - Jan/Feb 2013

Lace-n-Lingerie - Jan/Feb 2013
English | 126 Pages | PDF | 54.3 MB

The Development of PADDED Bras in India, Garment technology upgrade, Glimpses, Lacy Tals, International melage and more...

Lace-n-Lingerie is India's pioneering and premier publication in the field of lingerie, business and fashion. What was once a taboo subject in India; Lace-n-Lingerie has handled this subject with sensitivity, panache and verve and brought style trends to the fore. More and more lingerie professionals including you and me rely on this magazine to bring a special spark in our lives. Gifting lingerie is very tricky business; you don't want your girlfriend or your beau to feel belittled where even one size small reflects your incompetence while one size too big can also reflect that you are seeing more than one. This magazine takes the guess out of the guess work and gives you easy tips to become a lingerie expert in no time and you'll be loved by women all over! Well who doesn't want to be... Read L-n-L regularly.

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