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Filmfare 13 February 2013 (India)

Filmfare 13 February 2013 (India)

Filmfare 13 February 2013 (India)
English | 148 pages | PDF | 108.03 MB

Love is in the air, Imran khan shoots from the hip, Lovey dovey couples, A nude tale, Double whammy, A good beginning, An office and a gentleman and more...
For over five decades now, Filmfare has been the official handbook on everything Bollywood for the diehard fan, which, in India is almost everyone. It is also a magazine that film stars think of first and trust most when they want to open up to their fans. With its exclusive interviews, classy photo-shoots, insider stories, sneak peeks, Bollywood fashion coverage, movie reviews and special features, Filmfare captures Bollywood's biggest stars and divas at their most colourful & candid best.
As India's No. 1 entertainment magazine, Filmfare has through the years, turned from a monthly into a fortnightly, launched an edition devoted to the Southern film industry and gained a readership of more than 2 million fans! There is no better evidence of Filmfare's hold on the industry than the Filmfare Awards.

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