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Our Mission or Why do we exist?

Starting from the very beginning of humanity we used our forests to get everything we need to live in a comfort. Every stage of our development takes more and more resources from nature. Even in today's digital era we still increase consumption to more than a planet can restore. Every year we are killing 36 million hectares of forests just to make things we use in a day-to-day life.

Thousands of trees have been turned to a paper so that we could make furniture or simply print and read dozens of newspapers and magazines. Does it really worth to pay this price for the things we often throw away right after purchase? We DON'T think so!

So, one of the key things why we are here is to make our own small contribution in the saving of enviroment by creating a place where you can download magazines in digital PDF format. It's a small but still a contribution! If we could spend just a few dollars to help those who helps to save our nature imagine what the world could be.