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GQ - February 2012 (UK)

GQ - February 2012 (UK)

GQ - February 2012 (UK)
English | HQ PDF | 222 pages | 143 Mb

GQ Magazine current issue featuring Kristen Stewart - we apologise for the high shipping costs as this issue is around 1kg. GQ magazine (formerly known as Gentleman's Quarterly) is the modern man's guide to all the things he wants to know, do, or worry about, from fashion suggestions, politics, culture, the latest gadgets on the market, sports, news, reviews, and interviews with the most intriguing celebrities around, as well as some sexy photoshoots with some of the world’s most beautiful women. It is the man’s monthly lifestyle magazine for the modern professional man with taste: his preoccupations are varied, and GQ deals with all of them.

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