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Playby Russia - May 2012

Playby Russia - May 2012

Playby Russia - May 2012
Russian | 176 pages | PDF | 115 Mb

Playboy - a name that has become legend. Popular worldwide glossy men's magazine appeared in Russia in 1995 and quickly became the most popular publication in its category. Playboy covers a wide thematic spectrum: the most beautiful women in the world, spectacular piktorialy and exclusive footage of celebrities, colorful picture stories with social events, spectacular travel stories, prestige cars, men's fashion and lifestyle. Intellectual prose, interviews with famous men - about business, hobbies and attitude towards life. Enjoy, and be able to find around the pleasant side - these are actual values ??of life for men at all times. Journal of Playboy - a stylish photo and publication of fashionable literature, music, movies, sports, audiovideonovinkah, sex, relationships, career. In each room - a girl of the month and gallery Playboy. Playboy - Classic men's life style magazine!

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