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Men's Fitness Build a Fighter’s Body 2013 (UK)

Men's Fitness Build a Fighter’s Body 2013 (UK)

Men's Fitness Build a Fighter’s Body 2013 (UK)
English | 180 pages | PDF | 111.89 MB

Build a Fighter’s Body aims to pack all the professional fighting expertise it can into one informative and easy-to-use book. In the first section we’ve put together a 12-week plan to get you into shape, based on the format of a typical fighters training camp. Then, once you’re in shape, you can tweak your training with moves, routines and tricks from top-level athletes and coaches. There’s also advice on how to tailor your diet to your new training plan, and how to improve your recovery – which is just as vital as training hard. Whether you want to fight or you’re after a fighter’s body, there’s something for you inside.

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