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MuscleMag International June 2013 (USA)

MuscleMag International June 2013 (USA)

MuscleMag International June 2013 (USA)
English | 224 pages | PDF | 182.70 MB

Muscle magazine is the complete guide to building a lifestyle of rigorous exercise to promote energy, fitness, health and longevity. Every issue of Muscle magazine comes jam-packed with nutritional advice, weight-training tips and more. Read up on essential health news with the well-known Hardgainer's Nutritional Guide and get in-depth knowledge from expert bodybuilders and the best trainers in the game. Special features include highlights straight from IFBB pro Craig Richarson himself, revealing the ways he switches up his nutritional plan from off-season to pre-contest for optimal results. Issues include can't-miss articles like what IFBB pro Carlo Filippone is cooking up this month, and much more. There's no better way to maximize your results and lifestyle than to learn from the best of the best with Muscle magazine.

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