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Muscle & Fitness April 2013 (USA)

Muscle & Fitness April 2013 (USA)

Muscle & Fitness April 2013 (USA)
English | 222 pages | PDF | 163.56 MB

Muscle and Fitness is the essential magazine for people who make nutrition and working out a way of life. This monthly publication provides information and advice on how to strengthen your body inside and out, head to toe. The content in Muscle and Fitness has a mainstream appeal, making it useful and enjoyable for those who are just taking an interest in a healthier lifestyle and for those who are already invested. Every issue includes detailed articles and features on subject matters such as getting/staying in shape, diet, stamina, work out routines, physical appearance, and more. The covers and feature stories of Muscle and Fitness present its readers with recognizable faces and names, including bodybuilders, athletes, and actors as well. If you are a female interested in the contents of this magazine, don't shy away! Muscle and Fitness Hers, oriented towards the publication's female readership, is added on in conjunction with the magazine every month.

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