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"Sportsex" examines the landscape of sports writ globally. And it is about the way sport allows men and women but mostly men to consider their looks, their vitality, and their relationship to their gender in ways that would be considered taboo in any other context. Miller pays particular attention to the way celebrity is considered around the world through a number of different athletic activities. Along the way he also offers his own personal connection to sport as both a researcher and recipient of its abuses and pleasures. In a world where everything is considered in its relationship to globalization, sport is one of the few arenas of social life that can be concretely seen in international terms. "Sportsex" opens that world up in a way that is accessible and significant for anyone interested in the shape of our emerging world culture. Author note: Toby Miller is Professor of Cultural Studies and Cultural Policy at New York University, and is the author of numerous books on media, culture, and sport, including "The Avengers and Technologies of Truth: Cultural Citizenship and the Popular Media".

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