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Fortean Times - July 2012

Fortean Times - July 2012

Fortean Times - July 2012
English | 84 pages | HQ PDF | 78.00 Mb

Fortean Times Magazine is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and knowledge, interesting strange dreams and omens. The magazine is the respected chronicler of strange phenomena from all over the world. Besides being a journal of interesting records the magazine is also a forum for the discussion of observations and ideas, however illogical or unpopular, and the magazine maintains a position of uncertainty towards the stories that it discusses.
Sea ghosts, teenage witches, mermaid babies and conspiracy theories galore - it's all in Fortean Times. With clippings and news from all over the world, every issue charts the wilderness between the known and the unknown - leaving you to make up your own mind whether things really are as they seem.

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