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Cosmopolitan June 2012 (USA)

Cosmopolitan June 2012 (USA)

Cosmopolitan June 2012 (USA)
English | 250 pages | PDF | 146.75 MB

Cosmopolitan Magazine: So long as it pertains to women, no subject is off limits for Cosmopolitan, an unabashed quality that has most definitely been a key factor in the magazine's success. What began in 1886 as a family magazine has since transformed into an icon of feminine fearlessness for contemporary women around the world. While it is widely known for its detailed coverage of sex and relationships, Cosmopolitan explores an array of topics, including social trends, fashion and beauty, pop culture and entertainment, and much more. With expert career advice, inspirational personal stories and articles on health and fitness, Cosmopolitan encourages women to follow their dreams and live a happy, well-rounded life.

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