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X360 Magazine Issue 95 2013 (UK)

X360 Magazine Issue 95 2013 (UK)

X360 Magazine Issue 95 2013 (UK)
English | 116 pages | PDF | 44.28 MB

Dark souls and Lightning returns Final Fantasy and Essential Games and Aliens:Colonial Marines and Dead space 3 and The Sci - fi future of Xbox live and more...
X360 is the UK's best Xbox 360 magazine for any gamer that has an interest and passion for the world's most popular gaming console. With integrity-driven and definitive reviews plus an entire section dedicated to the Xbox community, no area of the 360's wide market is left untouched. Every issue comes packed with a free book, helping you to complete the biggest games, earn thousands of Achievement points and learn the history and secrets behind the Xbox 360ís biggest titles. And there's also a free DVD, filled with over two hours of new and exclusive trailers along with team commentary, X360 is the finest Xbox 360 magazine on the market.

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