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What Mobile January 2013 (UK)

What Mobile January 2013 (UK)

What Mobile January 2013 (UK)
English | 111 pages | PDF | 72.93 MB

What Mobile magazine will keep readers up to date with more than just the latest phones. The publication will also contain interesting features on the latest games, high-tech applications, must have accessories, gadgets and the best in mobile commentary with news and reviews. What Mobile aims to help readers get more from their mobile then they ever thought possible. With impartial buying advice readers can feel confident they are getting reliable and honest advice.
We have a number of these ‘What..’ style magazines which are all vey useful and informative. These types of magazines are aimed at readers who want more information on a particular consumer product. In essence this magazine wants to give a bit more control back into the hands of the consumer and make them less at the mercy of the giant corporate companies out there who are just after one thing…as much cash as possible!

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