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ImagineFX January 2013 (UK)

ImagineFX January 2013 (UK)

ImagineFX January 2013 (UK)
English | 116 pages | PDF | 125.57 MB

ImagineFX is packed to the rafters with an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best fantasy and sci-fi artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews.
Whether you're a professional artist, an art student or just create art for a hobby, each page of ImagineFX is filled with unrivalled advice from our team of world-famous artists who bring you bespoke, in-depth digital and traditional art workshops, tips and techniques. We're the only magazine dedicated to fantasy and sci-fi digital art.
Our DVD is crammed full of video tuition from professional artists, hi-res multi-layered workshop files, free brushes, textures and reference images, and the latest software trials. You won't get this level of content from any other magazine.

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